What is Schwipe?

Schwipe is an engagement and relationship management system that was designed with the sole purpose of simplifying the collection and analysis of engagement data. Many organizations depend on engagement data to strategize growth and gain support from key stakeholders. Using the Schwipe mobile app or the web interface, you can collect data from your participants while generating easy to read reports that show you where your growth potentials are.

Schwipe by the Numbers

  • 500,000+
  • 210,000+

Tell Your Story

With Schwipe, you can allow your engagement data to drive your narrative. Have a stakeholder who is particularly interested in certain types of events? No problem! Use Event Tags to identify your engagements and have your numbers ready to share when needed.

Never Miss an Engagement Opportunity

Meaningful interactions can happen at any time. With Schwipe you don't have to wait until you are in front of your computer to log any interaction or event attendance. Simply open the app and in a matter of a few clicks you can update all of your engagement data.

Mission & Values

Schwipe's mission is to elevate organizations by providing a streamlined solution for engagement data. This includes collecting, reporting, and strategizing around all engagements.

As a company we value; intuitiveness, efficiency, innovation, and most importantly, our customers who we consider part of our Schwipe family.

From Our Schwipe Family

About Schwipe

Schwipe was created by Scott Black and Michael Cohen. Two friends who met at summer camp a long, long time ago. Like all great ideas, Schwipe was created out of necessity. Scott was working for an organization that served college students in which collecting and reporting on participant data was extremely important. Frustrated that the only way to collect this information seemed to be a paper sign-in sheet, Scott sought out a 21st century solution. He created the first iteration of Schwipe using a modge-podge of apps and self-taught PHP/MySQL code. To his delight, the app worked perfectly! After less than a year of using Schwipe, Scott's organization saw a 295% increase in event attendance. Not because of any additional work done, but because they were able to easily and accurately collect the data! At this point Scott knew the potential that Schwipe could have to other organizations and turned to Michael to help him make it happen. Already having success in creating software and apps from scratch, Michael was the perfect person to take Schwipe to the next level. Now, the duo has seen Schwipe implemented at over 50 locations across the US and Canada.

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